The Trash Cycle” initiative is the new project of molecular biologist and environmental activist Andreas Noe, better known as The Trash Traveler. This environmental awareness action has as main objective to alert to the need to create a packaging deposit system in Portugal. The project aims to involve the Portuguese throughout more than 50 stages with clean-up actions, lectures and workshops.

For this campaign, The Trash Traveler team set themselves the target of travelling 3000 kilometres over a period of 2 months. For the journey, Andreas travelled on a bicycle created from second hand parts to promote green mobility. The clean-up and awareness activities across the country focus on showing that there is a need to improve the recycling and reuse system.

The Trash Cycle in Lagos

On May 2, 2022, SOMAR once again joined The Trash Traveler in its awareness raising initiative “The Trash Cycle”, which involved the school community in a clean-up action at Batata Beach.

In this action, which counted with the participation of 40 students and teachers from Júlio Dantas Secondary School and technicians from the municipality, the monitoring of the collected marine litter was carried out.

Within the total of rubbish collected, again the cigarette butts stood out, as well as bottles, cans, various types of plastic and some more different items, such as a toy and a ball. 

A special thanks to the school class who joined forces to collect and account for all the rubbish that was found on Batata Beach.

To end the day, the documentary “The Plastic Hike” was also shown at school, reinforcing the role that each of us can have in preserving the environment, the sea and sustainability.



participating school:

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