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SEIVA 2021

SOMAR participated in the Week of Education and Environmental Volunteer Initiatives – SEIVA 2021 that took place from October 10th to 17th and had as its theme “Learning from nature/ Restoring ecosystems”.


Coastal Cleanup

On September 18, marked the International Coastal Cleanup Day and SOMAR, as last year, has again integrated the event program with activities on the beaches of the Algarve between 18 and 26 September 2021.

Children's book "ABC do Mar"

“ABC do Mar” is the title of the children’s book written and illustrated by Irene Prado, pedagogue and psychopedagogue, in a partnership with SOMAR. The book is written in acrostic format and brings the alphabet with information and curiosities about aquatic animals. This book is supported by the UNESCO Chair for Ocean Sustainability.



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It is a non-profit association founded in 2020 with the aim of conserving the dolphins and whales of the Algarve, as well as the oceans, through a number of axes of action.

Key Pillars

Marine Research

Increased interest in and promotion of research on sound in the marine environment is of utmost importance for the sustainable management of ocean and, especially, coastal regions.

Ocean Literacy

Ocean Literacy can also be understood as ocean culture, that is, the understanding of the full influence of the ocean on our lives as individuals, society, and ecosystem.

Community Building

Community building promotes specific and continuous actions throughout the year linked to the ocean’s sustainability aiming to connect the local community.

The ocean is vital to humanity as a regulator of the climate, a source of food and the oxygen we breathe (among many other facets).

Photo Gallery

The Portuguese coast has a rich marine biodiversity, making it possible for cetaceans (whales and dolphins) to occur off the southern coast of mainland Portugal all year round.

CICAS - SOMAR Interpretation Center for Cetaceans and Acoustics

Soon we will be opening the new SOMAR Interpretation Center for Cetaceans and Acoustics – CICAS, to receive the public and be able to start several environmental education and marine research projects.

Continue to follow us and learn more about our projects and CICAS.

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Soon at Marina de Lagos