To celebrate Earth Day, on April 22nd, the Oceano Azul Foundation promotes Earth Day week, which runs from April 18th to 24th, 2022.

Under the theme “The Ocean is our Earth“, we will bring together the largest number of organisations and carry out practical or theoretical activities encouraging the protection and conservation of the ocean and the planet.

SOMAR participates in this initiative with a programme aimed at school classes, offering activities to be carried out by children and teenagers. To find out how your class can participate for free, please contact

OCEANO DE PALAVRAS | Educational activity

  • Description: Printed activity aimed at children in early learning and literacy. Made to support children in navigating the world of writing, while simultaneously learning about life in the ocean and developing notions of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

  • Place: Classroom

  • Date: 18 to 22 April

  • Duration: 30 min

  • Target Public: 1st and 2nd year Primary School classes

  • Registration: (for pdf activity)
  • Literacy-age children

activity printout, pencil, eraser and crayons.

  • autonomous and shared writing;
  • reading and interpretation of statements and short texts;
  • spatial organisation;
  • development of notions of sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • systematise the use of the letters of the alphabet;

  • make writing hypotheses for words that are part of the repertoire of the theme of the activity;

  • construct different words using the letters of the alphabet;

  • systematizing words of common use from the activity’s theme;

  • practice reading words and statements;

  • to perceive themselves as being an active part of the natural environment in which they are inserted. 

PESCA COM CIÊNCIA | Educational game

  • Description: Beach fishing game. Cards with fish species that can be caught off the Portuguese coast are placed on the sand on the beach. Each child will have the chance to use the fishing rod to catch a card half-buried in the sand and talk about sustainable consumption with the help of supporting information cards about each species and fishing.

  • Place: Beach to be defined in Lagos

  • Date: 18 to 22 April

  • Duration:  60 min

  • Target Public: Primary school classes from 1st to 6th grade

  • Registration:

LIMPEZA DE PRAIA | Beach cleanup

  • Description: Picking up and monitoring marine litter on the beach
  • Place: Batata’s Beach, Lagos
  • Date: 21 Abril 2022
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Volunteers: School class 11 grade of Escola Secundária Gil Eanes

As usual, the main litter collected from the beach in our action of picking up and monitoring marine litter was cigarette butts, totalling 555 butts in just 1h30 of activity!

At first glance the beach does not seem to have a large amount of rubbish, but at a closer look, you soon start to notice the smaller-sized rubbish that accumulates on the sand, mainly butts, small plastics, food packaging, metal lids, pickets and pieces of styrofoam.

In the sand was also found a sea cucumber already lifeless.

This was the action carried out by SOMAR together with Lagos City Council and the 11th grade class of the Gil Eanes Secondary School for the Earth Day initiative, promoted by the Oceano Azul Foundation.

Our special thanks to the class that engaged in collecting the rubbish, sorting and classifying it in this awareness action!