SOMAR is in the implementation phase of CICAS – Interpretation Center for Cetaceans and Acoustics SOMAR in Lagos, focusing on the areas of environmental conservation/education, ecology, oceanography and bioacoustics.

This project is co-funded by MAR2020 for the creation of the SOMAR Visitation Center, by the operation “P04M03 – Execution of the EDL” in the priority axis “Increasing Employment and Territorial Cohesion (DLBC)”.

The goals of this operation include:

  • Create a physical space of the SOMAR Center for the visitation of tourists and the local community and to carry out research, events and lectures;
  • Disseminate, spread and popularize knowledge about the oceans and local marine life in the Western Algarve region;
  • To actively contribute to research in the areas of marine conservation, bioacoustics and natural heritage management;
  • To increase the population’s knowledge and awareness of issues related to ecology and history by holding lectures, events and other initiatives;
  • Carry out environmental education projects aimed at schools and groups of children;
  • Develop partnerships with maritime-tourism companies for whale watching and geological heritage activities;
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge and experience on whale-watching among the maritime-tourism companies in the region.

See the project fact sheet HERE.