The 1st edition of SOMAR’s training course took place in June, aimed at maritime tourism companies in Lagos, especially those that organise dolphin and cave watching trips along the Algarve coast.

In line with the aims of the SOMAR association in working alongside maritime-tourism companies in Lagos and the region to support and strengthen a more sustainable tourism, the need to create a training course aimed at the crew of tourist boats in the Algarve, especially those that carry out dolphin and whale watching activities, has been identified.

It is our intention as a marine conservation association to emphasize the correct practice of the regulations that already exist in Portugal about the approach of cetaceans with boats. In addition, an informative component on the biology and species that are observed on the tours is fundamental to boost the educational component of the tours for the clients and thus aid environmental awareness.

This training was the 1st in-person, short duration – 6 hours, free and with certification, aiming to boost more sustainable tourism for the dolphin watching activity in the city. There were 3 sessions of 2 hours each in after-labor hours at the Sealife Warehouse, next door at Marina de Lagos.

  • Date: 06, 07 and 08 June 2022
  • Schedule: 18h30 to 20h30
  • Venue: Sealife Warehouse

This training session took place within the scope of the Lagos Boat Station with the partnership of the Lagos municipality, Sealife and Marina Club Lagos Resort.

This training only reinforced the importance of this subject being dealt with, discussed and shared among all the people working in this sector. Everyone was able to share their experiences and add even more knowledge and information to the course!

And to the companies that participated, it’s great to see the interest in achieving a more responsible and sustainable activity, so congratulations!

Participating companies: