The entity APA-ARH Algarve promotes in the region, since 2019, the campaign ‘Caça à Beata’ (Hunt for cigarette butts). This challenge encourages high schools to organize cigarette butt collects with their students in an urban context, particularly in the areas adjacent to their schools. This environmental awareness initiative takes place as part of the commemoration of World No Smoking Day and International Student Day, both celebrated on November 17.

The result of these actions (a collection of the cigarette butts collected) is exhibited in several schools in the region, on a rotating basis, together with the sculpture “Iron Man with Glass Lungs” by artist Carlos de Oliveira Correia – calling for reflection on the human and environmental health impacts of smoking.

SOMAR joined the Municipality of Lagos, promoting the action “Butt Hunting” in the Júlio Dantas Secondary School. On November 29, 2021, twenty students participated in this cleanup in the area surrounding the entrance to the school grounds, collecting more than 10,000 cigarette butts in approximately 90 minutes. This action had the support of the Eco-Schools program and the presence of the APA-ARH Algarve representative.