What we do

Our activities include environmental education and awareness activities (children and adults), sustainability initiatives, cooperation in national and international ocean conservation initiatives, carrying out marine research projects, and implementing a visitor center for information dissemination. 

activities and other events

SOS Oceans

The “SOS Oceans” Project & Beach Cleaning Action / Litter Monitoring is a project to carry out environmental awareness actions aimed at students and teachers of the 1st and 2nd cycle of basic education in...

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Alein Plants

INVASIVE PLANTS – PROBLEMATICS AND CONTROL – Online session and practical action SOMAR joins Lagos City Council with the support of APA, A Rocha Association, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra, Invasoras.pt, Centre...

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Portugal Sea Day Mural

November 16th is celebrated Portugal National Sea Day and to celebrate this date, SOMAR with the support of Lagos Municipality, São Gonçalo Parish Council and Arga Tintas invited the artist Jessica Martins to paint a...

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Continuing the participation of SOMAR, invited by the Oceano Azul Foundation in December 2020, in the preparation of a proposal for a Marine Protected Area of Community Interest in the Algarve, on February 5, 2021...

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COOL 2021

On October 16th, 2021, the Oceano Azul Foundation received, at the Lisbon Oceanarium, 75 organizations and entities from all over the country that are dedicated to fighting marine litter and protecting the Ocean. SOMAR, as...

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Algarve RESTART Innovation

With the aim of contributing to the economic recovery process in the Algarve, ANJE, CRIA and NERA have joined efforts in creating the “Algarve RESTART Innovation | Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Roadshow“.  This initiative held...

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Co-funding MAR2020

SOMAR is in the implementation phase of CICAS – Interpretation Center for Cetaceans and Acoustics SOMAR in Lagos, focusing on the areas of environmental conservation/education, ecology, oceanography and bioacoustics. This project is co-funded by MAR2020...

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Lagos Nautical Station

SOMAR was invited by the Lagos Municipality (as coordinating entity) to be one of the partners of the Lagos Nautical Station. The signing of the cooperation agreement between SOMAR and the Lagos Nautical Station Partners...

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Co-funding CRESC ALGARVE 2020

SOMAR is in the implementation phase of CICAS – Center for Interpretation of Cetaceans and Acoustics SOMAR in Lagos, focusing on the areas of conservation / environmental education, ecology, oceanography and bioacoustics. This project is...

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