SOMAR – ASSOCIAÇÃO DE CONSERVAÇÃO MARINHA E BIOACÚSTICA is a non-profit environmental protection association, founded on 27 May 2020 in Lagos, Portugal.

Mission Statement

To conserve the dolphins and whales of the Algarve, as well as the ocean, contributing to harmonize human activity with the preservation of the natural heritage. To be a sustainable organization accessible to everyone.

Strategic Input

Develop environmental education, research, community involvement, and sustainability-related events for the conservation of marine mammal species that use the Algarve Coast (especially dolphins and whales) and the surrounding marine environment.


  • Act with ethical and professional responsibility.
  • Generate technical and scientific knowledge to transmit and share information to the population.
  • Encourage the conservation and non-lethal use of cetaceans through dolphin and whale watching tourism carried out in a sustainable way.
  • Develop research activities based on ethical principles and animal welfare.
  • To value the participation of the local population as collaborators and participants in the actions and events carried out.
  • Work together with the local population, governments, associations and companies, valuing the establishment of partnerships and alliances to achieve common goals.
  • To develop its resource management processes with efficiency, transparency, and commitment.